This aroma oil is specially formulated for use with the AIROMINI diffuser.

This captivating fragrance will envelop you in a warm, musky embrace. The top notes of sweet, fruity accords will tantalize your senses, while the heart of the scent combines the freshness of the sea and the intensity of musk and wood. The base of this scent is a unique blend of sensuality and complexity, leaving a lasting, comforting impression. The combination of orange and bergamot top notes, a heart of lavender, jasmine and aquatic notes, and a base of cedar and white musk makes this an uplifting and refreshing fragrance for any occasion.

Top notes : Sweet orange, bergamot
Heart notes : Lavender, jasmine, sea notes
Base notes : Cedar wood, white musk


20 ML, 150 ML, 500 ML


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